Company formation

One can become an entrepreneur in Estonia either by acquiring a share in an existing company or establishing an entirely new company. The latter is a better option, given that a new company is like a clean sheet with no prior history (name, address, management board members etc), the insufficient knowledge of which could land the new owner in unforeseen disputes at worst. However, founding a company is quite a bureaucratic process and this is where IMG Konsultant AS comes to assistance, offering the service of management of company foundation, so as to save the founder’s time to the maximum extent for the main business.

The service consists of consulting and the preparation of the foundation documents and coordination thereof with the notary (or preparation on the Company Registration Portal).

Before the above-mentioned documents can be drafted we need to consult the client so as to be sure that the company to be founded completely meets the needs and wishes of the client (e.g. the name of the company, its principal fields of activity, right of representation etc, according to the Commercial Code and notary’s requirements). We offer consultation and advice in preparing these documents, thus preparing the optimal framework for the company’s future operations.

The company is registered within about 5 days after the documents are submitted to the commercial register. An entry order sent by the commercial register by e-mail (registered mail) serves as proof of registration of the company.

Holders of Estonian, Portuguese, Finnish and Belgian ID cards and the Lithuanian mobile-ID users can also establish a company through the Company Registration Portal at

Please contact us, if we can be of assistance in founding a company.

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